Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Updating this blog

I'm getting ready. The book is to be published in October. At that time, I plan to begin updating this blog daily, writing at least a paragraph or two (usually a bit more) each day.

Right now, I'm getting ready. I have the web site set up (see the link in the column to the right). The blog is in place and being updated only occasionally.

My intention is that if it is possible, I will reply to comments and emails about the book. I have always enjoyed responses from authors I have written. Only a few have been able to do it, but I appreciated those who did.

So, once the book is published, my plan is to try to keep this blog current and to respond to emails. If that becomes impossible, I'll just let you know. Until then, I will post occasionally. Again, thanks for your interest in the book. --Joe.

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