Sunday, September 28, 2008

The power of light

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love taking pictures when the sun is lower in the sky--early morning or late afternoon. The sun brings life to dying things. And that's the way it is with writing too. Extreme situations bring out the best or worst in people.

I just read an email post about the statement, “Miss Jean Louise, stand up, your father’s passin’.” Those are the words of someone in the Negro balcony of the courtroom as Atticus Finch walks out. Finch had given everything he had, and to all appearances, lost. But he was a hero to those those folks he loved and served.

As a reader, I loved Atticus Finch for his courage in the face of real evil.
To Kill a Mockingbird is a modern classic because of the evil and the courage it displays.

Finally, the best stories are about courage. They are about someone standing up for something right, even in the face of the most terrible evil. You can have been abused as a child, and yet because of something in you, because of your heroes, because of those who try to help you, you somehow make it through. The light shines through you. You somehow make a difference.

Often we function best in the dying light of the late afternoon sun. Our beauty is highlighted by our struggles. Sometimes we most succeed when we have the strength to fail with courage.

That's Atticus Finch, and on a different level, that my Roy Rogers and his heroes Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Roy and Dale faced great pain in their own personal lives. And by the way they faced it, they taught us all how to live.

May we all be the kind of people Atticus Finch, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were. May we be the kind of people where the light shines though.

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