Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some things last a long time

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some things last a long time. This tree is The Stidham Oak, supposedly the second oldest of this kind of Oak tree in our county.

It is called The Stidham Oak because an old minister named Mr. Stidham used to go down almost every day and talk to it.

Everything has a history, doesn't it? I'm amazed that I've ended up writing historical fiction. I guess that's because my own life has become a part of history now. If you graduated from high school in the 1950's, you're not exactly young.

The Stidham Oak didn't survive alone. Several years ago, the little creek that flows by the Oak started undermining the Oak itself. Some of the folks around here had to work to redirect the creek a bit and save the Oak. Someone intervened. That's the way it is with all of history. Some make it, some witness it, and some save it.

But what you end up with is something like The Stidham Oak.

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