Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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I just finished sending emails telling people the book is printed now. The email pointed to the web site which leads here. So I thought I should post something.

From now on, I intend to post at least a paragraph or two each day. I will answer questions if you have them or respond to what you have said. If you have comments or want to ask questions, do it in the comment section here or email me at the address on the web site.

Last night I woke up thinking about heroes, how important they are and how they change our lives. I thought about the heroes in my own life, and the amazing thing about them is that most of them are ordinary people. They are people like Larry Ferguson to whom the book is dedicated or Frank Nunez who was my assistant scoutmaster.

We don't get to be heroes by doing extraordinary things. At least that's true most of the time. Most of us get to be heroes to someone else by doing the ordinary things we do with love. Even the movie Roy Rogers and Dale Evans couldn't know how much they would mean to someone like me. And they mean that, not because of their movies, but because of their love of children. They are examples of what I wish so many people would be.

A month or two ago, Barack Obama gave a sermon to a black church. He talked about being a good father. People accused him of using that pulpit for political purposes, but it didn't seem that way to me. It seemed to me that here was a man preaching first of all to himself. He grew up without a father in the house. Now he was a father of two beautiful children. He wanted to remind himself and others that some things are more important, even than being president of the United States, and being a good father, being present in the home and for your wife and children is one of those things.

If you have heroes in your life and they are still alive, please tell them how much they mean to you. And if you have people who have changed your life but are now gone, please remember them in some appropriate way.

And try to be a hero to someone else, not because you do spectacular or showy things, but because you do the ordinary things you do with grace, care and love. --Joe.

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