Sunday, October 26, 2008

The animals in my life

Monday, October 27, 2008

Writing reflects a lot of who we are.

My wife and I have had animals ever since we could in our marriage. It started with cats (Percy and Rebel). There was also a dog, Gordon. Then there was a cat named Molly (a calico), a dog named Lucky, then two cats, Angel and Rascal.

Angel (left) died recently, so there is just Rascal left. He's graying now, over 15 years old, a tabby. But he is a sweetheart.

Anyway, I guess it was inevitable my writing would have animals in it. In The Body in the Record Room, there is Bullet. Also, much later in his life, Harry has a dog named Blessed. Blessed w
as named for the Hail Mary. Harry heard the Hail Mary, "Blessed art thou among women." Harry wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but he decided to name his dog Blessed. You might read about Blessed some time in the future.

The second Roy Rogers book has Harry and a friend trying to save the feral cats around the state hospital. The feral cats are based on fact. People would drop sacks full of puppies or kittens on the hospital grounds. Those animals had to be destroyed. In my story, Harry did what he could to save them.

So I've been around and loved animals all my life. I guess it was inevitable they'd end up in my stories.

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