Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Book is Mystery Guild Editor's Choice

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Body in the Record Room
was this month's Mystery Guild Editor's Choice. Also, there is nice review. Here is a part of it:

“Meet a most unusual sleuth! For one thing, he thinks he’s Roy Rogers. Compared to some of the delusions floating around Missouri’s Sunrise State Hospital, Roy’s is fairly benign. It’s 1954, and the real Roy Rogers serves as a beacon of moral clarity to the would-be Roy—and it helps that his friend Harry has a dog named Bullet. . . .

“Joe Barone’s debut is a real straight shooter. It lassoed me from the first page!”

Jane Dentinger, Editor-in-Chief

The reviews are very humbling. You always wonder what total strangers will think of what you've written. Given my own insecurity, I probably expected the book to be totally panned (there were criticisms in some reviews) or ignored. It is a blessing to know people's opinions.

I've been buying books from Mystery Guild for years. I've read a lot of good books they've promoted. I never expected one of my own books to be in their flier.

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