Monday, October 6, 2008

An interesting web site

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I discovered an interesting web site. It is called Crime Through Time. It is a site which features historical mysteries.

I discovered the site when they wrote asking about my book. I had not thought of my book as a historical mystery, but that's what it is. The initial murder in the book occurs more than seventy years ago, and all the action occurs more than fifty years ago.

So I guess I fell into writing historical mystery novels almost by accident. But I'd been reading historical mysteries for a long time. I'd read things like the Bruce Alexander novels about Sir John Fielding and his law clerk Jeremy Proctor. I wrote about them in another entry.

I read other kinds of historical mystery novels too. I've read some of Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael novels set in England in the 1100's. Of course, I had to look that date up. I read the books for the fun of it, and whatever history I learn is just a bonus.

Anyway, the Crime Through Time site has time lines, reviews and a section about juvenile historical mysteries. There's even a section for discussion of the books.

I've always enjoyed mysteries where I learn something. The Crime Through Time web site gives me a whole lot more books to choose from.

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