Sunday, November 30, 2008

The first snow

Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had the first snow last night. Just a light one. I'll probably try to get a picture and post it later today.

One thing about writing historical fiction has to do with we
ather. You might find this fanatical, but for the second Roy Rogers book I bought historical weather reports for southwest Missouri in 1956. In other words, Roy operated in the weather as it was back then.

I had a scene or two that depended on the weather.

I don't see myself as writing historical novels. I see myself as trying to write good mystery stories, but I try to make the history accurate. I know there will be mistakes.

It is odd how
you fail to notice or forget the ordinary things around you especially over time but maybe even today.

That's one thing I'm aware of now. Things change. If you have great blessings, now is the time to claim them, to tell the people you love that you love them and to notice the good things around you.

I've lived way more than two-thirds of my life. Whatever's left that is still good, I should try to enjoy. I should be present with the good and the difficult things in life.

So the snow has made me philosophical today, and it was just a light snow. Think what would happen if we had a blizzard.

PS The snow was just a skiff. I followed my usual tradition and went out for a walk in the first snow. The top picture is the University of Missouri experimental field on the south farm near our house. The other picture, which looks black and white, is actually color. All the pictures on this blog and on my web site are ones I took.

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