Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keeping your word

Friday, November 21, 2008

I appreciate writers who keep their word. If they tell you they are going to do something in a story, they do it.

Once before I told you how much I admire Ed McBain (aka Evan Hunter). Every time I picked up one of his books I knew I would get a good story. Some books were better than others--one really memorable--, but always his books were good stories. He was a writer who kept his word.

There is a kind of promotional gimmick to writing nowadays. You write the book. You go around and have your signings (I haven't done any of that). You try to get your friends to write good reviews on Amazon and all the rest.

I don't blame people for doing that. If you make your living as a writer, you need every advantage you can get. Writing is difficult, especially in this world where people don't read books and newspapers much anymore. And the present recession makes the problem even worse.

But if I read a review, I want that review to be objective, to say what the review writer really believed about the story. That way if I like or dislike the book, I'll know next time I read that reviewer whether or not I'll be likely to want to read the book.

We all know those movie reviewers where the best review is when he or she doesn't like the movie, and that tells you that you will love it. It happens that way sometimes.

So I don't have my friends write reviews. I don't try to pad what is said about my book at all. Whatever is said is said.

And, believe it or not, all this is a way of getting to the point I planned to make when I started. In regard to this blog, I've tried to keep my word, write something each day. After all, that's what I said I'd do. But I'm going to take a weekend off. The next new post will be on Monday, and then posts will again be daily until I'm not in pocket again for a while.

I don't write from a laptop. I don't keep in touch with my computer when I am otherwise involved. So I'll see you two days from now.

And one more point. I've known all along that not many people would read this blog regularly, but I have wanted to keep my word to the few who might read it. I want this to be a way we keep in touch. I want to offer avenues for people to get to know me, not just my writing. I want you to be able to communicate with me if you feel the need to do that.

So I will keep on keeping my word, writing every day when that is possible.

See you again on Monday.

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