Friday, December 26, 2008

Today is Christmas

Friday, December 26, 2008

We in our family are having Christmas today. Our kids are supposed to be home today. Our best friends in Missouri are supposed to stop by today. We are having Christmas today.

That's one thing about Christmas. It has no date certain. When our son was young, we had three or four Christmases. For one thing, I always worked clear up until midnight on Christmas eve. That's part of being a minister in many churches.

So we would have our own Christmas, just the three of us, maybe early Christmas eve or maybe Christmas morning, but we would always have it together in our own little family. Then, over the next few days, we would travel to have Christmas with Ann's family, my family and our best friends. I always took the Sunday after Christmas off.

So we had several Christmases. We were blessed. Not everyone has that opportunity.

I always think of my mother. She was a supervisor of nurses in a small town hospital (a town of about 10,000). Every Thanksgiving, Christmas and the like, she put on her uniform and went to work. She used to day, "If there are people on my staff who have to work, I should work." She was that kind of person. She had this strong code. Patients come first. And you always stand with your staff, while at the same time you always expect them to give the best, most compassionate care.

In our family, Christmas often comes at other times on other days.

So for us, today is Christmas. How about for you?

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