Friday, January 9, 2009

Anything that has to do with cats

Friday, January 9, 2009

We love anything that has to do with cats. We just have one cat now, Rascal. The second one, Angel, died about a year or so ago, but over the years we've had a number of cats.

We've had a tabby cat, a calico cat, a white cat, and several other sorts, all from shelters or from the vet's offices which often acted as shelters in the small towns where we lived.

Also, we had two dogs over the years, but we've given up having dogs now.

Animals have added so much to our lives. That's probably the reason animals play such a large part in my writing. I've loved animals, and I enjoy writing about them.

As I say in The Body in the Record Room, in my growing up, stray animals were a huge problem. People would dump their strays on the grounds of the mental hospital where I lived. The hospital was at the edge of town. I guess it seemed an easy place to dump a sackful of kittens or puppies. But those animals became feral animals, dangerous to people and livestock. Those animals had to be controlled, and that was not pleasant in the doing. My book tells some about that.

All of our animals have been "strays," and all have been neutered or spayed. To me, that is the only humane thing to do. When you grow up watching dogs being shot and puppies and kittens killed in other terrible ways, you want to make a world where such things don't have to happen. In my own personal life, the only way for me to do that is to make sure my own pets don't reproduce.

So now you've had your sermon for the day. Spay or neuter the strays you take in as pets. And if you choose to have animals, may they mean as much to you as our pets have meant to us.

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