Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Monday, February 2, 2009

If you want some idea of what is happening for the mentally ill in Missouri, click on this.


I went out yesterday to see if I could find signs of the upcoming spring. This picture shows what I found. In other words, I was too early. Spring is not here yet. There were little flocks of small birds around, but unfortunately they always heard my 225-pound body coming.


Every once in a while I look at what I find to be a very interesting site. Here it is.


I could care less about the Super Bowl, but my son used to love it. When he was home, we always had a Super Bowl party. His mom would make goodies and we would watch the game together eating and having a good time. Memories of those times are among the best we have.


While I was out yesterday, I checked on the Stidham Oak. It is supposedly one of the oldest such oaks in the county. It was still in place and looking ready for spring. It was named for a retired minister, Rev. Stidham, who used to visit it each day and tell it hello. He called it, "Mr. Oak."

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