Monday, February 9, 2009

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazon introduced the new Kindle this week. Reviews I've seen say it is a great improvement over the first one. I visualize electronic books in many forms and from many platforms to be a large part of the future of publishing. The Body
in the Record Room is available and has sold copies on Kindle. That pleases me.


T.S. Eliot talked about April being the cruelest month. The cruelest month for us this year could be February. Warm weather brings out the buds, and then if there is another freeze . . .

Of course, Eliot refers to April as the cruelest month in a different way than I'm talking about things being cruel here. But still . . .


In the face of the distress--
I watched all those unemployed people in Indiana yesterday. I thought about the huge number who are unemployed across the U.S., as well as those who have lost homes, health care, retirement benefits or the opportunity to send their children to advanced vocational school or college. In the face of that, should we as writers expect it to be anything but tough for us too? As we struggle to write and sell our books, shouldn't we just understand that our struggles are a part of this whole nation's (and the world's) larger struggle. Times are tough, but it's not just happening for us. God bless Barack Obama and the good things he is trying to do.

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