Wednesday, March 11, 2009

E-readers and Libraries

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From what I understand, the number of books we read on e-readers grows annually in an almost exponential way.

It's not that there are many electronic books yet, but the number grows each year. Some people in the industry are already talking about how e-readers will affect writers and the reading public. The other day I read a blog on that subject written by a successful agent.

I find myself wondering about libraries. Will there be a time when you can electronically check out books from the library, read them for a couple of weeks, and then return them? Maybe if they are overdue, they will be programed to magically disappear from your machine. Will there be technology for you to read a book on your iPhone or whatever but not keep it there forever?

We don't like change. Some writers still write full manuscripts using pencil and paper. Others still use the old Royal typewriter. But most use computers now. Why won't that kind of sweeping change occur with e-books too?

A few of the people who read this blog are librarians. Do your magazines talk about the technological changes coming to the book world? And if so, what do they say?

Things are changing. In this small case, at least, wouldn't it be fun to know where things are headed?

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Anonymous said...

I can already check out e- and audio books via Overdrive, courtesty of my local library. Although I rarely do. In fact, never do I check out the ebooks as I have no reader and I only rarely listen to audiobooks now that I have more time to actually read.