Friday, March 27, 2009

Mysteries for children

Friday, March 27, 2009

As a child, I started reading exactly the mysteries you would expect for someone my age--The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

I wonder what kinds of mysteries children read today? I don't really know.

I started thinking about this when I stumbled onto MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries. These seem to be for people younger than I was when I read the Edward Stratemeyer books.

We often talk about how fewer people are reading. Maybe it is because we as parents and grandparents are not introducing them to the joys of reading early.

PS. I have heard of Encyclopedia Brown listed on MysteryNet. Fairly early on, our own son (who is now 29) was inclined to pick up the books we read and to read them. He is a busy professional person now, but to this day he reads voraciously. He still picks up science fiction (his mother's favorite) and mystery stories (my favorite) among a whole host of other fiction and non-fiction books he reads.

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