Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There Goes the Bride

Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy M. C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin so much.

She is so self-obsessed.  If she weren't totally surrounded by good, competent people, she would have been killed several times in this book.

It all begins with the murder of Agatha's ex-husband's fiancée on their wedding day.

From there the book winds through international intrigue with murderers coming at Agatha from several sides.  And, as always, Agatha's obsession with men drives the plot.  She picks them up one after the other without discrimination, but that's just Agatha Raisin.  As far as I remember, she has always been that way.

She always wants to be the star of the show.  Jealousy almost overwhelms her when her young assistant Toni has her picture in the newspaper.  Agatha feels Toni is stealing the show.

They all need each other.  Without Agatha's driving force, the detective agency falls apart, but without her trusty sidekicks, the whole thing wouldn't work either.

And, for me at least, all of it is great fun.

Only once in the years I've been reading Agatha Raisin books has a book disappointed.  (Don't ask me which one.  I don't remember.)

Agatha Raisin is so much fun.  May she continue to bumble along for years to come.

PS Over the years I've purchased all my Agatha Raisin books through The Mystery Guild.  That's where I bought his one.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Some days a book like this one is exactly what you need.

Joe Barone said...

Yes. I didn't in any way mean to denigrate M.C. Beaton or her writing. I truly think Agatha Raisin is wonderful. If I wrote ten thousand years, I wouldn't dream up a character like Agatha.