Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Antiques Flee Market by Barbara Allan

This is a funny book. To me, the humor had more to recommend it than the story itself.  

The two main characters, Brandy and Vivian Borne are both in psychotherapy.   They are off-the-wall funny.

When someone kills a local collectibles dealer, the police accuse his hippy-like granddaughter.

Then they accuse a town character, a veteran with PTSD of the sort that causes him to retreat to a cave in a nearby state park and fight the war again.

Finally Brandy and Vivian (mostly Vivian) solve the case.  Brandy learns a lot about herself and her small town.

As with most small towns, gossip, evil, and even murder are rooted in community history.  Everyone knows everyone, and everyone has either something to hide or a role to play.

When I talked to my wife about this book, she said, "Silly is not bad.  Everybody needs to read some silly books."

This book would qualify.  It was fun to read.

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Kerrie said...

Joe, from the look of the cover, this books seems as if it would qualify for Suggest a Christmas title.