Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson

I've heard it said that characters make the story.

That's the way it is for me with the Walt Longmire stories.  I might have quibbles with the plots.  They always seem to end with Longmire at risk in a wild action scene of some sort, and sometimes the plots are complicated enough that I find them hard to follow.  But, oh, how I love the characters.

A lot happens in this book.  Longmire and his friend Henry Standing Bear visit Philadelphia where Longmire's daughter lives. 

Longmire's daughter Cady ends up in a coma, the result of an attack, supposedly by her boyfriend who is later murdered.  The whole thing leads back to a complicated drug plot which ties in to a person Cady rerpesents pro-bono as a part of her job as a lawyer.  

Cady's pro-bono client is the man who will help Longmire and the police unravel the whole thing by playing a dangerous game with Longmire, leaving notes at all the American Indian statues in Philadelphia.  (I don't dare use the term Native American.  Henry Standing Bear would come and get me!)

I told you the plot was complicated.  And I didn't even mention that Longmire's deputy Victoria Moretti comes to Philadelphia to be with Longmire and to help him negotiate with her dysfunctional  family.  

But don't let my bumbling description of what happens turn you off.  This is a good book.  If you are like I was, you will love the characters and read the book to get to know them better.

One thing I liked especially.  Longmire is working (with some help) to begin to overcome his sexually dysfunctional response to his wife's death about three years earlier.  In that area, I find myself rooting for him in a special way.

So I recommend this book.  It is not the best of the Longmire stories I have read, but it is a good story (with great characters).

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