Friday, February 26, 2010

Lethal Legend by Kathy Lynn Emerson


Kathy Lynn Emerson's Lethal Legend keeps you guessing to the end.

 Set in 1888, the book is Victorian in its style.  

A boyhood friend, Graham Somenner, calls Diana Spaulding's fiancee Dr. Ben Northcote to Keep Island to treat several sick workers at an archaeological dig.  As it turns out, someone had poisoned the workers, and, as the story continues, the poisonings are followed up with murder.

Every major character except Ben and Diana are fair game as suspects.  And if you are like me, you won't have any idea who did it until close to the action-filled ending. 

Even more than that, the story ends in a wedding.  In fact, there are two weddings, one earlier, and Ben and Diana's at the end.  Both brides are strong women who go against the tenor of the times.

The strong women in the story made it especially appealing to me.

So the story has everything historical novel buffs would love--an authentic tone and setting with all kinds of historical details, suspense and danger, and two weddings.

This is the last of the Diana Spaulding series.  Set in Maine and the surrounding area, it should be of special interest to those from that area.

Published by Pemberley Press.

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