Monday, March 22, 2010

PRINT THE LEGEND by Craig McDonald

If you love Ernest Hemingway's writing (as I do), and if you want to read a book that powerfully evokes J. Edgar Hoover's fascist FBI, read this book.

Everything I've read about Craig McDonald's Print the Legend sings its praises.

This is a great story about the vultures who hovered around Ernest Hemingway after his death.

According to the book, Hemingway was obsessed with his "long game," how he would be viewed as a writer after his death. This book portrays those who wanted to feed upon the legend.  They wanted to make themselves famous or powerful by destroying Papa's work.

There are murders here.  And there is one of the most believable villains in any book I've ever read.

There is also a strong young woman, though she is not strong enough to become a great fiction writer in the sense that Hemingway was.

Craig McDonald's hero Hector Lassiter comes off well in this novel too.  He is Ernest Hemingway's true friend with all the turmoil that involves.

So, I recommend this book, knowing I am hardly the first to do so. 


Naomi Johnson said...

Bravo, Joe. Another convert to The McDonald's books. There's room for many more of us.

Hemingway, alive, puts in some face time in Toros & Torsos, too, in Key West, and Cuba, and in Spain.

I've been reading some "Hem's" short stories, with a much greater appreciation for them than I had in high school.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And such a nice guy makes it even easier to buy his books.