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This is a powerful story.

It is not enough for egomaniacs such as Alexander the Great to own the world.  Alexander has to own the souls in the afterlife, the souls now housed in The Pyramid of Souls. 

"Panos! I want that soul house," Alexander tells his chief magician.  "Do you understand me?  Either you retrieve it for me, or I will sentence you to death--by trampling."  And then Alexander bellows, "I want the power of the gods!"

Panos enlists a loving elephant to help him save the pyramid.

"I need a brave elephant--one who is a mother, who understands the fragility of life; one who has children and a family.  Such an elephant would understand the need for compassion and not destruction, for a world without war so that children may be brought to walk as peacemakers. Please.  I beg you, wise elephant.  Please carry me through the desert!" 

And that's just the backstory!  Centuries later, all the compassionate powers of history enlist two young Magickeepers, thirteen-year-old Nick Rostov and his younger cousin Isabella, to again save The Pyramid of Souls.  The elephant is there to help.  Now she is called Penelope. 

Shadowkeepers from throughout history fight against the children, and compassionate people from all of history come to the children's aid.

This is a story filled with action and based on the power of love.  At age 13, my son would have loved it.  At 30, with more education in such esoteric things as chemistry and carbon nanotubes, he probably will love it even more.

I had thought I might start this little review by saying, "This is not a mystery story," but it really is.  The mystery is in the kind of courage and hope it takes to save The Pyramid, to overcome the power of evil in the world.  This is a story about what kind of person you need to be to be a hero, and how, if you are that kind of person, you can draw strength from the forces of love and good in all of history. 

The events in this story prepare Nick and Isabella for the final cataclysmic battle yet to come.

This is a wonderful book.  I recommend it highly.

To learn more about this book or to contact the author of this story to go here.

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