Monday, June 7, 2010


The book I'm reading now (Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson) reminded me of a 1986 book by Robert Campbell, The Junkyard Dog.

The book featured Chicago sewer inspector and minor politician Jimmy Flannery.  

Flannery was a loyal man who loved his wife and took care of his aging political mentor.  He was also a character who solved murders, often to protect his group's political power.

As I recall, this was the first book in the series.  There were others in the series, books with names like Nibbled To Death By Ducks.  I enjoyed all the books and was sad when they just quit coming.

So Johnson's new Junkyard Dogs book gave me a blast from the past.  It reminded me of a lot of good reading from a while ago.  


Naomi Johnson said...

I'm just sorry I never of heard of this series. Going to check my library to see if they have any of Campbell's titles.

Naomi Johnson said...

Looks like my library only has one of the Flannery series, Thinning the Turkey Herd, but all of his Whistler series. Do you know if those are good, too?

Joe Barone said...

I'm glad I've sent you looking for Robert Campbell. As I remember, the earlier ones were the best ones. When they just quit coming, I truly was disappointed.

For some reason, I never read the Whistler series. I'll probably give it a try since Campbell has come back to mind.