Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VOICE OF THE VIOLIN by Andrea Camilleri

Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri is filled with tragic errors. 

The book begins with a police error and ends with a police error.  The final error is Inspector Montalbano's, an error revealed at the end, but made all along the way. 

The story starts when Montalbano and his driver are in a minor auto accident because of the driver's reckless driving.  

In an attempt to notify the owner of the car, Montalbano finds a beautiful female corpse in a compromising position.  But because he had picked the lock to get into the house to find the corpse, Montalbano has to find another way for the corpse to be discovered.  

And the story goes from there.  Montalbano manipulates evidence and the press.  The new police commissioner hates Inspector Montalbano, removes him from the case, and tries to run him off the job.

But Inspector Montalbano is different than the other cops.  He does the things he does to try to bring justice and to protect an innocent mentally handicapped man.  He has a standard several of the other Sicilian cops don't have.

This wasn't my favorite Montalbano book. Everyone was just too bumbling and manipulative. But the book had Andrea Camilleri's usual sense of humor.  It also had a number of interesting characters. It had another one of Camilleri's wonderful titles.  And it had that great Sicilian policeman, Inspector Montalbano.

I'm working my way up through this series, and I will continue to do so. 

NOTE:  Some printings of this book have the title The Voice of the Violin.  

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