Sunday, January 30, 2011


There's a whole new way of publishing writing nowadays.  And that way is a blessing to readers.

One of the most exciting things to happen for me in my recent reading has been the advent of Dave Zeltserman's Julius Katz stories. 

These stories, loosely based on the tone of the Nero Wolfe novels, are gentle and humorous.  They make me feel especially blessed.

But how to publish something like that, something small enough to be less than a novel but deserving of more than a single publication in EQMM or whatever?

How about electronic publishing?

In these two stories, Julius, with the help of his trusty computerized tie tack sidekick Archie, solves two cases.  One involves the murder of both his clients, and the other involves Archie himself being accused of murder. (I'll let you read the story and see how that could possibly happen.)

Like tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of others, once upon a time I waited expectantly for the next Nero Wolfe novel.  But "Nothing lasts forever," as my father used to say.  Unfortunately, that applied to Rex Stout too.

Now Dave Zeltserman comes along and I don't get Nero Wolfe exactly, but I get something with some of the panache of Nero Wolfe.

Thank God for electronic publishing.

PS These two stories are published under the name Julius Katz Mysteries.  The two together are available for 99 cents at Amazon and B&N in electronic form for their respective e-readers.

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