Friday, April 8, 2011


A humble opinion worth a nickel and a cup of coffee (or whatever a cup of coffee costs now since I don't drink coffee).

Those who review ARCs should put their reviews on their blogs close to the time of the book's publication.  

I do more than half of my reading on electronic readers.  If I read a review of a book that sounds interesting, I immediately go to B&N and order a sample of the book.  I have a stack of books on my shelves to read, but many of my TBR books are samples on the Nook or iPad.

If the review appears too far in advance, there is no sample available, and that book falls into a black hole for me.  I keep a list on a Sticky Note on my computer, but a lot of times I don't pay much attention to that note.  

I prefer reviews of books for which I can order samples immediately.  Sometimes this applies especially because some of the best books I read are not huge best sellers.  I might only run across one review of the book in the blogs I read.  So I like reviews close to the time of publication.

As I said, this is just one person's opinion.


Naomi Johnson said...

Thanks for bringing this issue up, Joe. I usually post a review when I've finished a book unless the author or agent has requested I wait until the release date. But I'll take your situation into consideration in the future. It's something that I hadn't thought about in connection with e-readers.

Joe Barone said...

Either way, I'm glad to know about the book. I do read a lot of the books you suggest, and most of them I've been able to get sample copies of at the time of the review.

Cathy said...

Most of the publishers I deal with prefer that reviews for new books be posted no more than one week before the release date. I always post mine for the actual date of release.

Joe Barone said...

I appreciate that. I wrote this because I had an experience somewhere (I truly don't know where) of wanting to tag a couple of books and finding the reviews were so early I couldn't get the sample chapters.

I guess I'm like all of us. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. Even without those books, I have plenty to read (more than I'll get done this year when I include the older books I pick up at used book stores, etc.). But still, somehow, I feel as if I've missed something if I haven't been able to tag those books.