Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lee Child’s Worth Dying For is a book length movie scenario.  The story is nonstop action.

Reacher is hitchhiking through Nebraska.  He becomes involved in incredible evil when he encourages an alcoholic doctor to treat an abused wife, Eleanor Duncan.

The brutal Duncan family controls the county by beating everyone into submission.  They are into some kind of smuggling, and they have missed a shipment.  Mobsters up the food chain who expect to take a cut from whatever it is the Duncans ship send henchmen to protect their interests.  And Reacher kills them all.  I have no idea how many people he kills in the book.

But the real story has to do with a cold case murder.  The eight-year-old daughter of a still-broken-hearted mother has been missing for more than a generation. 

The child’s mother is certain the Duncans killed her child, but she can’t prove it.

Reacher works the whole thing through, trashing everything and every bad guy in his path.  As I said, this book is non-stop action.

For me, the interesting characters were the townspeople.  With Reacher’s strength to back them, they rebel against the Duncans to reveal one of the most horrendous evils possible.

These rural Nebraska people kept me reading.

This is my first Lee Child book to read.  I don’t remember where I got it, but I’m sure I bought it because I wanted to see what kinds of books he writes.  Now I know.  He writes nonstop action of the kind you see in movies.  But he also creates some interesting characters along the way.

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