Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LIST WEDNESDAY--Inspector Montalbano

Andrea Camilleri

Inspector Montalbano
  (Dates are for the English translations.)
     aka The Scent of the Night
13. The Potter's Field (2011)
14. The Age of Doubt (2012)
15. The Dance of the Seagull (2013)

16. Treasure Hunt (2013)
17. Angelica's Smile (2014)
18. The Fourth Secret (2014 novella).
19. Game of Mirrors (2015)

(I have linked books mentioned in this blog. The dates are for the publications in English. I got them off of Fantastic Fiction which I consider to be a definitive source.

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Clare said...

RAI is producing a new TV series called the Young Montalbano. i fI can find the link again, I will send it.