Thursday, September 1, 2011

FAMILY HONOR by Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker’s Family Honor is the first in the Sunny Randall series.

Sunny is the daughter of a retired cop.  She is an ex-cop herself who is now a private eye.

A prominent Boston family hires her to find their runaway daughter Millicent.  In doing so, Sunny uncovers the family’s secrets, works with the mob and the police, kills a man, and saves the girl.

She also learns that she still loves her ex-husband, himself a member of a prominent mob family, though she is emotionally unable to be married to him.

Sunny’s Hawk is a gay man named Spike.

The title Family Honor applies to the client family, to her own cop family, and to the mob family with which Sunny connects through her ex-husband.

To me, this was a typical Parker book with a different hero.  It was fun, a “quick read” (though I listened to an audio version).  It was another outlet for Parker’s well-polished skills when it comes to writing about Boston private eyes.  Parker portrays the Boston scene in detail.

Sunny may be too dependent on the men around her to please many women readers.  I haven’t read reviews of the book, but I would expect that might be a criticism. 

I got this audio-book as an electronic checkout from the local library.

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