Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HUGGER MUGGER by Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker’s Hugger Mugger is a routine Spenser book with an abrupt ending.

Spenser agrees to find out who is attacking millionaire Walter Clive’s horses. 

So far, someone has shot three minor horses. One of them died. Clive’s fear is that the assailant will attack Hugger Mugger, his prize horse. There has been one unsuccessful attempt on Hugger Mugger already.

Of course, the real issue is money and the dysfunctional Clive family. When the patriarch Walter Clive is killed, the plot thickens. And Spenser keeps pushing.

Spenser’s technique is the same as always. He bulls in to see what happens.

There is no Hawk in this book. Spenser’s sidekick for this novel is a gay weightlifter named Tedy Sapp.

The book has Parker’s trademark pithy conversations, almost to a fault. But Hugger Mugger is what I read the later Spenser novels for--quick, entertaining reading.

The concluding action scene seems contrived. It was hard for me to believe Spenser’s attackers could have been so dumb and fallen so easily.

This is far from the best of the Spenser books, but I enjoyed reading it.

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