Sunday, January 8, 2012

THE LAST WORD by Ellery Adams

Ellery Adams' The Last Word bristles with action.

After a leisurely start, the book’s protagonist Olivia Limoges investigates the source of a valuable painting. She helps her sister-in-law and half-brother face a medical crisis for their newborn son. She works to open a new restaurant. And she finds the body of a famous author who has been murdered.

Set in Oyster Bay, North Carolina, the present story ties back to events in a North Carolina German POW camp during WWII. Two unlikely people fall in love, and their love touches Oyster Bay today.

Then just to add to the mix, Olivia pursues her relationship with the local sheriff. She fends off a couple of other inappropriate love relationships for friends. She helps one good friend strengthen her marriage and another good friend find love.

The story ends with a Louise Penny-like small-towns-have-their-share-of-dark-secrets ending.

Olivia is a busy person.

The Last Word is a fun book to read.

Admittedly, Ellery Adams didn’t write this book for the likes of me. That makes me a little cavalier about the story, but the truth is, I enjoyed the book. I found the characters interesting. And, though I struggled to keep everyone straight, I thought the backstory was unique and intriguing.

When I read about the next Olivia Limoges book in Lesa’s Book Critiques, I’ll probably buy it and read it too.

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