Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A COLD DAY FOR MURDER by Dana Stabenow

I had forgotten how good Dana Stabenow’s A Cold Day for Murder is.

Kate Shugak leaves her self-imposed exile to search for two missing, probably murdered, men. One man is a park ranger, the other an investigator from the Anchorage District Attorney’s office.

Kate once worked in the same office. She was their crack investigator.

Changing cultures are at the heart of the story. At one point, Kate says,

“Did you ever notice? To everyone else in the world, I’m Kate. Emaa (her controlling grandmother) calls me Katya.”

“She’s getting to you, Kate. Or trying to.”

Kate kept talking, compulsively, the words spilling out of her as if he had not spoken. “Every time she says it, ‘Katya,’ she says it in that voice of doom. I see fifty generations of Aleuts lined up behind her, glaring at me. Every time she says it, she’s telling me I betrayed her and my family and the village and my culture and my entire race by running away.”

At another point, her grandmother told Kate--

“It is not the business of Outsiders to meddle in our affairs.”

“Even if one of our own is guilty of murder?

“A park ranger, born and educated Outside,” her grandmother said, her voice so indifferent it held not even the slightest trace of scorn. “A cheechako. And an investigator from Anchorage, much the same.”

This book is exactly what I needed at this time. The electronic Kindle edition was on special. I bought the book, though I had read it before, because I plan to try to read at least one-less expensive electronic book a month.

I don’t see the need for electronic books to cost more than $9.99.  I buy more-expensive electronic books. But from now on, I will also search for good books which are reprints or “electronic-only” editions. I will support reasonably-priced electronic books and the authors who write them.

That said, this book was exactly what I needed. I’d just read two complex mysteries on unfamiliar subjects. This book’s clear style and chronologically unfolding story made for easy reading. It was fun.

"I’m glad I came back to reread A Cold Day for Murder.


Dana Stabenow said...

Thanks, Joe! Linking to FB and Twitter.

Joe Barone said...

Thank you! It is a good book.