Monday, April 30, 2012



I just read a good review of a new book. I went to Amazon and B&N and found three of the author's earlier books in the series at bargain rates in electronic editions.

I ordered all three to test the waters. If I like the books (which I expect to since I often agree with the blogger's assessments), I'll buy the new book at its regular price.

I'm doing more and more bargain hunting on the Kindle and Nook pages. I don't like the idea of buying an author I've not read before in electronic edition for more than $9.99.  If I know and enjoy the author, I'll pay the higher prices sometimes, but I don't believe e-books should cost more than $9.99, and often they should be less.

Also, I've found a few good electronic authors this way too. These are people who might never be published by the "big" publishers, but their books are enjoyable.

So we live in a new world altogether. I think that's exciting. It adds to my enjoyment in reading.

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