Sunday, May 27, 2012


May 27, 2012

All three cats piled near my feet.

No trouble sleeping. Except that every time I moved, one or two of them meowed in protest. It was OK for them to move, you understand, but not for me. They have that written in their contract.


Anonymous said...

What a funny quote and sooo true. We used to live with a very small cat who liked to sleep under the covers between us and would growl if we so much as moved. The current cat owns the recliner and sulks if Jim gets there first. Do you and your wife live with cats?

Joe Barone said...

We have one cat, Truman. Within the past year Rascal, our eighteen-year-old cat died, and a couple years before that, Angel, the cat we adopted at about the same time we adopted Rascal died.

Truman is female. We got her recently from a friend whose family became allergic to cats. They found her as a kitten. They didn't know if she was male or female, so they named her Truman after the Missouri University mascot. She is black and gold.