Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ROUGH WEATHER by Robert B. Parker

Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker was one of the better Spenser books.

Spenser and Hawk put the kibosh on The Gray Man. It’s not that they kill him. But finally, by the end of this book, the Gray Man goes away.

A wealthy socialite hires Spenser to accompany her to her daughter’s wedding. Spenser knows she has some motive. He chooses to take the case to find out what the motive is.

During the wedding, a helicopter swoops down on the island. The invaders murder the groom and kidnap the bride. This happens in midst of a massive hurricane. And the story goes from there.

Spenser ends up working through the backstory. He finds the real motive for the kidnapping. He comes to an accommodation with the Gray Man.

Parker seems to be closing down some of his story lines. The Gray Man almost killed Spenser in Small Vices (one of the better books in the series). Then the Gray Man becomes a Spenser ally in Cold Service.

I liked the action in this book. That action came at the first with the detecting later.

Parker portrays amoral people well. They contrast with Spenser and Hawk, both of whom have some sort of code.

Rough Weather was quick reading.

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