Sunday, August 26, 2012

THE BOY IN THE SUITCASE by Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis

Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis write The Boy in the Suitcase from several points of view.

Nina Borg finds the drugged child in the suitcase. She tries to escape to save him, leaving her own husband and family to fend for themselves.

The mother of the child fights to find her son. The couple who kidnapped the little boy struggle to get him back. And the person who paid to have the child kidnapped refuses come up with the money until he has the child.

The kidnapper is a psychopath, capable of killing if he sees the need. All that leads to a startling dénouement and a violent conclusion.

This book has strong women, especially when they see their children threatened. To me, that is the strength of the story.

The Boy in the Suitcase is like a thrilling movie, one scene and one threat after another.

Many have compared this story to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I liked them both. For me, the Tattoo book had a stronger central character, but these two authors wrote more clearly. This book was easier to follow.

Both books are harrowing. If you struggle with stories about the abuse of women or children, both books would be hard to read.

Both books are for those who like a particular kind of Scandinavian noir. If you like your books to keep you on the edge of your seat, you might like The Boy in the Suitcase.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I do have a problem with the abuse of children--especially one so small he could fit in a suitcase. So I have put this one aside.

Naomi Johnson said...

This sounds really intriguing. I hope I can read it soon!

Joe Barone said...

Patti, That is why I gave the warning. You probably already knew the plot, but some might not.

Naomi, It is a good book, but for me it was also a hard book to read because the sale and abuse of children bothers me (and I suppose most sane people) a lot.