Monday, November 5, 2012

Donis Casey's Alafair Tucker Mysteries

Alafair Tucker Mysteries
1. The Old Buzzard Had It Coming (2005)
2. Hornswoggled (2006)
3. The Drop Edge of Yonder (2007)
4. The Sky Took Him (2009)
5. Crying Blood (2011)
6. Wrong Hill to Die On (2012) 

7. Hell With The Lid Blown Off (2014)
6. All Men Fear Me (2015)
7. The Return of the Raven Mocker (2016)

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Naomi Johnson said...

Hurrah! WRONG HILL TO DIE ON is released today.

Joe Barone said...

Yeah. Unfortunately, they didn't have a kindle edition when I looked. I will probably have to order it in paperback which makes it longer to get. I do like these characters and love these books.

Naomi Johnson said...

Ditto, Joe. I enjoy the characters because they do have character.

Joe Barone said...

They now have the kindle edition up, so I have it on my Kindle and will reading it soon.