Sunday, January 6, 2013



One blessing of e-books is that they make authors I might not otherwise have read widely available

I've been reading through the Charlotte MacLeod Peter Shandy Mysteries. The last time I ordered one, I noted that the e-book I ordered was published in late 2012.

I came across MacLeod through an Amazon special. The Rest You Merry book (which is one of the two best of the series I have read so far) was on special for the Christmas season. That led me to decide to read through the series.

I had just started a very heavy book when Newtown occurred. I put that book aside for a while. The MacLeod book (and the series) gave me lighter reading. I felt the need for lighter reading.

I still hope some publisher will republish Arthur W. Upfield in e-book form. I think he (and many others) warrant it.   

I read all forms of books. I still order books from Mystery Guild. I always appreciated Mystery Guild because I lived in a small town. They provided access to good mysteries without my having to go to the city.

Of course, I also use our local libraries, including the library in town and the library in the retirement center where we live. 

So, as this new year begins, I thank God for reading and for the accessibility of all forms of books. 


I.J.Parker said...

As an author who has managed to keep her series alive because of Amazon and e-books, I'm doubly thankful. (And I share your fondness for Upfield.)

I.J.Parker (The Akitada series)

Joe Barone said...

I am glad you've been able to keep the Akitada series alive on e-books. Those books are well worth reading.