Thursday, March 14, 2013


Reading Ellery Adams’ Peach Pies and Alibis was like reading Harry Potter in cozy form.
Let me be clear. Ellery Adams didn’t write this book for old men like me. She filled the book with recipes, love interests, and wedding finery. Those didn’t interest me much.

What interested me was the story’s core mythology.

Ella Mae LeFaye returns to her home of Havenwood, Georgia. She finds she has magical gifts. She can bake feelings into pies. She is part of a group of people with supernatural powers.

Along the way, a rainbow of butterflies makes her aware of what it is she’s called to be.

Someone murders two women in Ella Mae’s group. Just before the murders, the group has selected each woman to meld into the sacred tree. Every lifetime, another member of the group has to become part of the sacred tree. If no one volunteers to do that, all the members of the group lose their magic powers.

The group goes back to the time of King Arthur. Even the people’s names and the names of the groups among them reflect that heritage.

Ella Mae makes allies she doesn’t expect to make. She faces some very socially nasty people, but they aren’t the real villains. She finds that a person closest to her has betrayed her. And the murderer is close to Ella Mae.

I found this book to be uneven. As I said, there were parts not written for me. But I very much enjoyed the magic part of the story. Also, the book had strong, interesting characters.

This is not a book I’d usually read. I chose it because I thought it might be fun. It was.

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