Sunday, March 31, 2013

THE PAPER MOON by Andrea Camilleri

Andrea Camilleri’s Montalbano stories are addictive.

In Camilleri’s The Paper Moon, someone kills a pharmaceutical distributor, a drug salesman.

The killer leaves the man in an obscene, demeaning position.

Montalbano finds all kinds of possible motives. The victim was having an affair with a married woman. He has a controlling sister. He is a gambling addict who has lost a huge amount of money. He has connections in high places He is involved with the Mafia. He has a previous history with the law. And he has a huge unexplainable amount of money stuffed away.

Montalbano works through all this to solve the crime and then to cover up the true story.

Along the way, Montalbano worries about growing old. (He is now in his fifties.) He worries he is losing his memory. He thinks about death, not quite fixating on death as he will a little farther down the road.

This is a typical Montalbano. In one way, it is a simple police procedural, not much different from other such books. But the characters are larger than life. They are humorous and lascivious. They make the book for me.

I had just finished a Montalbano book. I had intended to read a different author. But as I said, I find the Montalbano books addictive.

Stephen Sartarelli translates these books into English.


Richard R. said...

I keep thinking I need to try one of these, but then the TBR always is so towering, I forget by the time I get to the point of pulling - or borrowing from the library, or buying - something else. Thanks for the reminder.

Jerry House said...

Haven't read him yet, although I enjoy the television series. I have three or four Montalbano's lurking around the house somewhere.

Joe Barone said...

Some of the books are better than others, but I always find them humorous and the characters interesting and authentic.