Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CHANUKAH GUILT by Ilene Schneider

Ilene Schneider’s Chanukah Guilt is a religious cozy set in the Chanukah season.

A family asks Rabbi Aviva Cohen to do the funeral for their husband and father. The man died of a heart attack. He is a greatly disliked land developer in the small South Jersey town were Rabbi Cohen serves the local synagogue.

Soon after, the man’s daughter meets with Aviva. The daughter believes someone murdered her father. Then the girl herself commits suicide. And Aviva investigates.

Along the way, Aviva works with the police department (to their chagrin). A recently hired police department consultant is Aviva’s first ex-husband.

The whole thing comes to involve the local Wiccan coven (if that is the correct term) too.

Then the story goes from there.

This book reminded me of Harry Kemelman’s Rabbi Small books. I read all those back in the day. I enjoyed them.

I’d say the same for this book. This book has a clearly-told story. The characters are interesting. Unlike the Rabbi Small books, this book has much more about Jewish beliefs and religious services. It included some religious terms I didn’t know, but that didn’t bother me.

I bought this book as a reasonably-priced Amazon e-book.

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