Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sylvia Nobel’s Dark Moon Crossing is set along the Arizona border.

The book gives explicit descriptions of immigration problems. As impossible as it might seem, it tries to present both sides.

Newspaper reporter Kendall O’Dell agrees to find out what happened to a friend’s immigrant relatives. The one surviving child reported that aliens came in a spacecraft and took them away.

Along the way, Kendall struggles with her love life. Some ranchers abuse her because of her connection to her friend, an illegal immigrant. And all of this requires Kendall to delve into the history of the area.

The conclusion has Kendall watching a particularly bloody scene that embodies the book’s surprise ending. People’s motivations are not what they seemed to be at all.

For me, the book was too long. Its plot seemed contrived. Still Dark Moon Crossing had powerful passages. I would have read it solely for what I learned from the way the book presented immigration problems.

I bought the book off a bargain list as an Amazon e-book special. I’ve had it on my e-reader for some time. This morning (May 30, 2013), Amazon listed the e-book edition for $7.69.

If you have a Kindle, you might want to have Amazon send you their daily email specials. I’ve been able to get some interesting books that way. I expect Barnes and Noble and maybe other e-readers do the same kind of thing.

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