Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE HOUSE AT SEA'S END by Elly Griffiths

As I read Elly Griffiths The House at Sea’s End, my opinion changed. I saw the first half of the book as a competently written ordinary mystery. When I got to the second half, I could hardly put the book down.

The police ask forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway to help them identify several bodies. All are now skeletons.

Someone executed them. Whoever did the crime buried the bodies in a cave at Broughton Sea’s End.

Now coastal erosion reveals the burial cave and threatens to destroy the remains. The encroaching sea also threatens the house at Sea’s End.

Buster Hastings, the local commander of the WWII Home Guard, lived in the house. His son Jack and Jack’s family now live there.

So the bodies turn out to be German (something we are told early). And for some reason, someone now murders other people to cover up what happened years ago.

Ruth Galloway follows the trail, has a one-night-stand with the father of her new out-of-wedlock baby, and ends up almost dying as she unravels the mystery.

Along the way, Ruth renews her friendship with a friend from Bosnia. Someone brutally murdered Tatjana’s small son and Tatjana’s parents during the Bosnian atrocities. She and Ruth fought to discover the boy’s grave.

Cathbad, Ruth’s druid friend, returns for this story too.

The last half of this story is one action scene after another. Some of it might not fit together perfectly, and it might be impossible to guess the murderer because there are so few clues. Still the book is good reading.

This is my second Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway book to read. I think there are two others.

This book was a July e-book bargain special at Amazon.

NOTABLE QUOTES FROM The House at Sea’s End. 

“None of us can know. None of us can ever know what is going to happen. So take care of your baby, Ruth. She is all that matters.” –Tatjana to Ruth.

‘Oh you can never get away from the Catholic church,’ smiled Father Hennessey. ‘You be a devil worshipper if you like, you’ll still be a lapsed Catholic to us.’

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