Sunday, July 28, 2013

WOOF AT THE DOOR by Laura Morrigan

Laura Morrigan’s Woof at the Door is good reading.

The police ask Grace Wilde to help them calm an abandoned pet Jaguar.

Grace is more than someone who can calm disturbed pets. Grace is a no-longer practicing veterinarian who is now a pet behaviorist. She is also an in-the-closet pet psychic, someone who secretly shares the thoughts of animals.

The Jaguar belongs to the teammate of a murdered football star, a pro quarterback who is also the governor’s son.

Grace’s problem is simple. Even when animals tell her what has happened, no one who matters believes her. She usually keeps animal thoughts to herself.

So, she has to solve the murder.

Unfortunately, the murdered man’s powerful guard dog Jax is so confused he can’t tell her who did the crime. 

For some reason, the victim had Jax, a Doberman Pincer, outside just before the murder. The dog saw the murder through a glass door, but the dog is too emotionally upset to clearly communicate who did it.

Along the way, other related crimes happen--murders and crimes against animals. And the story goes from there.

Also, Grace has a love interest, one of the cops. Because she is better at communicating with animals than with prospective suitors, that too has its ups-and-downs.

So what is my take on Woof at the Door? Believe it or not, this is a very good story. It has interesting characters, careful plotting, and a slam-bang ending.

I went into the book skeptical. I wondered whether I would like it. And I liked it a lot.

It’s not that I’m so taken with the love interests in these stories. Those are for readers other than old men like me. But the plot and the clear, always-move-the-plot-forward writing caught me up in the whole thing.

As I understand it, this is a first book for this author. If she writes another one, I’ll read it.

A QUOTATION FROM Woof at the Door 

“I am being serious. I saw the way he was looking at you earlier.” Her smile widened. “You may be clueless when it comes to men, little sister, but I’m not. He wanted to suck you toenail polish off.”

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