Saturday, October 18, 2014

IN A DARK HOUSE by Deborah Crombie

I found Deborah Crombie’s In a Dark House hard to follow.

Superintendent Duncan Kincaid works a case involving a murdered woman. Rose Kearny, a new firefighter, found the nude body of the murdered woman in a burned-out warehouse. The fire could well be arson.

Kincaid’s live-in lover Detective Inspector Gemma James searches for another apparently missing woman. The woman is a friend of a parishioner of Gemma’s sister, the substitute minister in a local parish.

At one point, at least four women appear to be missing.

Someone has kidnapped nine-year-old Harriet Novak and is keeping her in a dark house.

To top it off, Gemma and Duncan are about to lose custody of Duncan’s son.

In many mystery novels, disparate cases dovetail into a single solution. This book is different. Some crimes dovetail and some don’t. Some are separate crimes which happened to coincide.

I found the parts of In a Dark House interesting, but the characters smushed together for me. The new firefighter Rose was the most intriguing character. I also liked Gemma’s sister, the compassionate minister.

I read this book on my Kindle. I wished the publisher had enabled the x-ray function of many Kindle stories. That way, I could have looked up who the characters were when I lost track. 

In a Dark House ends with excitement, as these kinds of books often do.

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