Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A short story--"Ruth's First Christmas Tree" by Elly Griffiths

Elly Griffiths “Ruth’s First Christmas Tree” is a delightful short story.

Aware that her daughter Kate (now almost two years old) will want a Christmas tree, forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway breaks down and buys one.

As an adult, Ruth has shied away from any Christmas celebrations.

Ruth leaves the tree with the seller to pick up later in the day. When she returns, the seller has skedaddled.

Ruth and Kate end up with an inferior Christmas tree. Then Kate dismantles it, decorations and all. Their friend Cathbad shows up to make Christmas special.

Ruth’s first Christmas tree ends up embodying traditions more ancient than the time of Jesus.

This little story has a small mystery in it too. Someone stole an archeological artifact. Ruth finds it and arranges for it to be returned.

The story has many of the regular characters, even a distant appearance on the part of Ruth’s fundamentalist parents.

I ran across "Ruth's First Christmas Tree" as a free offering from Kindle. Amazon still had it listed as free on the day I posted these words.

Oddly, the story seems to have two titles--“Ruth’s First Christmas” and “Ruth’s First Christmas Tree.”

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