Saturday, November 29, 2014

THE FINAL SILENCE by Stuart Neville

Stuart Neville’s The Final Silence is brutally violent.

Rae Carlisle, daughter of a Belfast politician, inherits a house from her uncle. Inside is a locked room. When Rae breaks in, she finds a handwritten book documenting a series of murders.

Rae asks Jack Lennon, a disgraced cop, for help.

Lennon ends up as the prime suspect in a murder. And, as it works out, the whole story ties in to the brutal violent history of Belfast, Northern Island.

Old acts and grudges don’t die. And even competent modern cops face cancer and police corruption.

No character in this book gets off easy.

I read this book a week ago. (I’ve been away from the computer.)

I found The Final Silence to be clearly written, a compelling, easy-to-follow story.

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