Monday, December 22, 2014

HO HO HUMBUG by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Sue Ann Jaffarian’s Ho Ho Humbug contains two wonderfully humorous Christmas short stories. Both stories take place at Friendship Mall.

Odelia hates Friendship Mall. She is only there because her husband shamed her into taking her much-disliked mother-in-law on a shopping spree.

Odelia ends up sitting beside a murdered man in a Santa Claus suit. 

After that, she unwittingly helps the police solve the murder.

In the second story, several years later Odelia takes her mother to the mall. Odelia still hates the mall. She struggles with her mother’s domineering ways, but this is Christmas. When they are asked, good daughters take their mothers shopping.

This time, they have a standoff for a parking place. Odelia and her mother take on a well-known TV star. In the end, they come out the winners.

I’ve not read any of the longer Odelia Grey stories, but these two short stories make me want to read more.

I bought this e-book book for 99 cents.

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