Monday, December 15, 2014

WINDIGO ISLAND by William Kent Krueger

William Kent Krueger’s Windigo Island is Jenny O’Connor’s story.

Two teenaged Ojibwe girls run away. Almost a year later when the dead body of one of them washes up on Windigo Island, Cork O’Conner, his daughter Jenny, and several others set out to find the still-missing young woman.

O’Conner’s group includes the missing girl’s mother, an old Ojibwe wise man Henry Meloux, Henry’s nephew Daniel, and others.

Along the way, Jenny O’Conner finds a love interest. She becomes obsessed with finding the missing child. And she longs to get back home near her own adopted child, a throw-away she saved in an earlier story. 

Windigo Island is more than just the name of the story. The Windigo is a spirit which overwhelms and destroys people.

The story’s villain, a man who enslaves and sells young women, is also called Windigo.

Krueger’s issue from the beginning goes back to the old tale of two wolves fighting in each human being. The wolf that overwhelms your life is the wolf you feed. You can feed the good wolf or the evil wolf. Each of the hunters faces a choice as to which wolf to feed.

I ordered this book from Mystery Guild. The only other William Kent Krueger book I’d read before was Ordinary Grace. 

Windigo Island was a good book, but it was no Ordinary Grace. Critics say there are other better books in the Cork O’Conner mystery series.

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