Monday, January 5, 2015

TOO BIG TO MISS by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Sue Ann Jaffarian’s Too Big to Miss was fun and easy-reading.

Odelia Grey, a single plus-sized woman (the book blurb’s description), investigates the apparent suicide of a friend.

The case seems open-and-shut. Online still photos from Sophie London’s website show what happened. Even the nature of the sexually-explicit site shows how troubled Sophie must have been.

But Odelia doesn’t believe it. She thinks there has to be another explanation.

When someone runs down a possible witness, Odelia becomes even more convinced.

Along the way, Odelia finds a lover. 

Using her skills as a paralegal, Odelia delves into Sophie’s past to reveal a shocking story. And she unmasks the real killers.

Even though I guessed at least one of the less obvious killers early on, the details behind the murder (along with the interesting characters) kept me reading.

I bought this book because I enjoyed the two Odelia Grey short stories I read at Christmas.


Richard said...

Sounds like a fine diversion for a rainy afternoon, Joe. Thanks for the tip.

Joe Barone said...

A fine diversion for a rainy afternoon. That's just what this book was for me. My wife found the opening slow, but she liked the book when she got into it. I continue to be fascinated by the differences between different readers.