Wednesday, February 25, 2015


If you are looking for well written police procedurals, I’d suggest Jeffrey Siger’s Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis series.

In Siger’s Assassins of Athens, someone murders the son of a wealthy Greek outsider. The killers do the brutal murder in such a way as to smear the family.

Kaldis and his team investigate the murder. They enlist colleagues from elsewhere, and in so doing, find a complex scheme that goes to the heart of Greek’s elitist society.

Along the way, Kaldis finds a special (very different) woman to love.

Assassins of Athens is not a “who done it.” It is a “how did they do it?”

In one way, I knew who did it, but I had to follow the procedure as it unfolded, the relationships of groups who hated one other and the link between them.

Assassins of Athens is a well-plotted book with a bonus--an action-filled closing.

I always feel a special rush when I run across excellent police procedurals like Assassins of Athens.


RTD said...

What a great review! You just might have helped me find a title for my new (self-imposed) reading challenge at Beyond Eastrod. Please stop by an offer ideas for my ABC gameplan. But Siger's Assassins of Athens -- if I can find it at my library -- moves to the top of my TBR list. Thanks!

Joe Barone said...

RTD, Thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad the review was helpful.